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Expert network

NatExtra was created with support from partners in diverse – public and private – fields, convinced of the need for an extraction platform to support professionals working with plant extracts.

Some of these partners have now allowed NatExtra to widen the range of expertise available to its customers:

  • A research centre allows the development of innovative processes, pilot-scale projects, together with advanced physicochemical characterisation, both on botanical starting materials and on the extracts produced. This allows a constant level of quality to be guaranteed, in order to fulfil our customers’ requirements. This expertise has been made possible owing to a range of high-tech equipment.
  • A private partner has allowed NatExtra to expand the range of production services proposed, including milling of starting materials according to process requirements, pasteurization of liquid extracts, and packaging of your finished products. Located close to NatExtra, this partner also offers our customers guaranteed savings, both in terms of time and transport costs.
  • An expert centre makes it easier to contact new partners should a customer’s project require outside expertise, or a specific service provider to carry out one of the steps in the extraction process.

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